You are allowed to use recorded accompaniment.  Using recorded accompaniments eliminates the possibility of  recommendation to the Provincial Festival as no recorded accompaniments are allowed at Provincials.  To find a local accompanist, you may want to contact:

You might also try the following individuals who are known to teach, perform, and accompany locally.  Please note, we do not recommend any individual over another, nor do we dictate what rate(s) should be charged.  The choice of who to hire is entirely yours.

Mrs. Torguson, BA (Mus) in collaborative piano, BEd
Joanna was a frequent accompanist for the Edmonton Strings program and several vocalists when she lived in Edmonton.

Devin Kwok, B. Mus University of Western Ontario.  Clarinetist, Bass Clarinetist, Vocalist, and Pianist.  Currently teaches piano and theory at UpTown! Music and Dance, and accompanies ballet classes aft Keyano College in Fort McMurray.
Phone:   780-804-6510  Email:

If you are a pianist interested in collaborating with developing musicians, please let us know so we can add you to our list.

If you are unsuccessful in finding a local accompanist, hiring from out-of-town is an option. Consider splitting the costs with other students or teachers. Contact our office for a list of pianists who might agree to come to Fort McMurray for rehearsals and performances.

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