Festival FAQs

We are so excited that you will be joining us this year. Below are some questions you may have, and the answers.

When do we have to arrive?   At least 15 minutes prior to the start time of the class.

When happens if a competitor arrives late?  They will be allowed to perform at the end of their session for adjudication only.

Are there practice rooms?  No

Is there a dress code? Yes. Performances are open to all ages. Costumes must be family friendly. See Specific dress code in Festival Etiquette Menu.

 What does it cost to watch the performances?  Admission for those 18 to 64 is $8 per day or $30 for a season pass which is good for all festival events except the Grand Concert

To Whom Do We Give The Music?  Original music must be handed into the ticket taker.

Do all platinum performances qualify for Provincials ?  No. There are several criteria to qualify for Provincials. Please check the syllabus for specific details.

What is the Procedure during the Performance?  All the performers perform the selection scheduled for this time.  The adjudicator comes to the stage and makes comments on each performance.  Then the adjudicator gives each performer a certificate/adjudication sheet and returns the original music. 



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