Local Information & Festival Etiquette

2023 Local Rules

Additional Information:

  • Do not call the Venue Offices asking about the festival. Call the festival office at 780-743-3150 and leave a message. Your call will be returned during the lunch and dinner breaks when the festival is on.
  • No changes in the scheduling will be allowed unless there is a festival conflict when multiple disciplines are on at the same time, OR there is an unpredictable event or opportunity involving the competitor.
  • On some Friday afternoons there is another public event held at Holy Trinity High School and there will be parking issues between 12 noon and 2:30 p.m.  If your child is performing near that time slot, plan to arrive early enough to park elsewhere.
  • Admission to the festival is $8 per day for those 18 to 64 years of age, all other admissions are free.
  • Season Tickets, good for all festival events except the Grand Concert, are available for $25.

Festival Etiquette:

  • Performer’s Festival Etiquette 
    • Dress:  Semi-formal performance attire is strongly recommended.  It is suggested that boys wear dress shoes, dress pants, and shirts (tie is optional).  Girls are encouraged to wear dress shoes, and dress pants or skirts or dresses.  Casual wear, such as runners, flip-flops, jeans, and t-shirts are not acceptable attire for performances.  Outer wear, such as boots and jackets should not be worn for performances or Awards Presentation.
    • Performance:  Performers are requested to introduce their selections on stage prior to performing.  Following the performance, the performer should acknowledge the applause with a bow and acknowledge the accompanist with an appropriate gesture.
    • Behaviour:  Performers are to remain seated, quiet, and respectful during all performances.  Please move to the front row for adjudication and remain silent and attentive during the adjudicator’s remarks.
  • Audience Festival Etiquette
    • Electronic Devices:  Cell phones, pagers, etc. must be turned off inside the performance venues.
    • Recording the Performance  Flash photography is prohibited during performances.  Adjudicator’s remarks are not to be recorded.  Videoing the performance of your own child/student is allowed, provided you remain still and unobtrusive.
    • All audience members should remain seated and quiet during all performances.  Audience members must not engage in conversation with the adjudicator before or after the performance other than to say “Thank You”
    • When a baby cries or a toddler needs to move around, the adult must immediately remove them from the theatre.

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